A three dimensional finite element program is developed for the analysis of pavement systems. An explicit approach of the finite element analysis is adopted. This approach results in a vector formulation of the equation of motion. Large displacement is considered through the use of a co-rotational approach which considers small deformations and large rotations of the elements. For the convenience of application a two dimensional finite element program is also developed. An eight-node isoperimetric solid element is used for the three dimensional analysis, and a four-node element for the two dimensional analysis. Loading conditions are verified for static ramp and step loadings, sinusoidal loadings, prescribed ground acceleration input, and pulse input. The material library is verified for linear elastic materials, elastic-plastic materials with Mises or Drucker-Prager criteria and assuming associated or non-associated flow rules, and a viscoelastic material of Maxwell type. Three hardening rules are implemented, namely the kinematical hardening, isotropic hardening, and mixed type. Available analytical data and comparison studies by using ANSYS serve as the basis for the verification.

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pavement, computer, software finite element, material model, HPR-2073

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Joint Highway Research Project

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