This research has sought to demonstrate the benefits of kinematic GPS in conjunction with photogrammetric aerial triangulation for mapping purposes. The work was performed with the existing INDOT aerial camera which is quite old, and while this affected the accuracy of the results, the demonstration of capability with a likely potential for excellent results was achieved. Ground point accuracies from the strip were in the sub-meter range with only a single control point. This is contrasted with full-model control requiring 50-80 control points for such a strip. In order to bring accuracies down to an acceptable level, i.e. sub decimeter, it will be necessary to retrofit the INDOT camera with a better shutter event signal (or obtain a new camera). A computer program for least squares adjustment of independent models has been developed. This would permit processing of data from INDOT Wild B8 stereoplotters. With a few implementation steps, INDOT would have an operational and production capability yielding significant productivity improvements.

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GPS, photogrammetry, ariel triangulation, camera calibration, mapping, HPR-2092

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Joint Highway Research Project

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