The Engineering Education Graduate Student Publication Series includes journal articles, conference papers, and reviewed abstracts of posters and presentations where graduate students from the Engineering Education program at Purdue University are listed as first author. When available, posters and/or presentations will be deposited as supplemental content to the reviewed abstracts. Content contained in this collection may vary in versions including: pre-prints, post-prints, published versions, or as links to exteriorly-hosted content such as a publisher’s website.

The School of Engineering Education was founded as a department in 2004 and is the first dedicated academic department in engineering education in the nation. The first graduate students (11 total) were admitted to the program in fall 2005. Publications in this series date from 2005 forward.

Content in this series will also include, when available, information on: grants that provided funding, advisors, and research groups associated with research. Additionally, content version identification will be noted when content is not exteriorly-hosted.

Any questions or concerns about this series should be directly to the Purdue e-Pubs administration ( or to the Engineering Education Liaison Librarian, Amy Van Epps (


Submissions from 2011


Doctoral Students as Course Instructors: Three Engineering Teaching Assistants' Socialization Experiences, Irene Mena, Heidi Diefes-Dux, and Brenda Capobianco

Submissions from 2008


"... A Good Imagination and a Pile of Junk.", Shawn Jordan and Robin S. Adams


Impact Of Feedback And Revision On Student Team Solutions To Model Eliciting Activities, Matthew Verleger and Heidi Diefes-Dux