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Thermal Conductivity of Simulated Soils by the Needle Probe Method for Energy Foundation Applications

J. E. Low, University of Southampton
F. A. Loveridge, University of Southampton
W. Powrie, University of Southampton

Characterization Work and Comparative Testing of Expanded Glass Granulate as a Round Robin Material for Thermal Conductivity at Higher Temperatures

Roland Schreiner, Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. München
Ernst-G. Hencke, VDI e.V.

Metal Hydride Component Design (MHy-CoDe) Tool for the Selection of Hydrides in Thermal Systems

Essene L. Waters, Purdue University
Timothée L. Pourpoint, Purdue University
Tyler G. Voskuilen, Sandia National Laboratories

Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity Modeling of Granular Nanoplatelet Assemblies

Ishan Srivastava, Purdue University
Timothy S. Fisher, Purdue University