Training and education are two of the most important aspects within cyber forensics. These topics have been of concern since the inception of the field. Training law enforcement is particularly important to ensure proper execution of the digital forensics process. It is also important because the proliferation of technology in to society continues to grow at an exponential rate. Just as technology is used for good there are those that will choose to use it for criminal gains. It is critical that Law Enforcement have the tools and training in cyber forensics. This research looked to determine if web based training was a feasible platform for cyber forensics training. A group of Indiana State Police Troopers were asked to participate in an online study where they were presented cyber forensics training material. That study showed that there was statistical significance between the treatment groups and the control group. The results from the study showed that web based training is an effective means to train a large group of law enforcement officers.


Web Based, Cyber Forensics Training, and Law Enforcement

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