The purpose of this project was to develop a hybrid version of a work place safety course for use at Ivy Tech Community College. Students attending Ivy Tech in the Industrial Technology program currently have little options to taking classes other than the traditional face-to-face method, which creates certain challenges for the students. With the creation of a hybrid course, students who take this class are required to drive to campus less each week, resulting in additional savings to the students. A hybrid course also gives the students another option to the traditional delivery model, resulting in increased learning potential for those students looking for an alternative to in-class instruction.

For this project the current course material was evaluated to determine which material would be appropriate for hybrid delivery using BlackBoard as the classroom management software. Once the content was determined, the material was modified to run on BlackBoard and the course shell was developed. Lastly, the course outline and syllabus was created for the new hybrid course.

The result of this project helped determine the effectiveness and future need for additional hybrid course offerings in the Industrial Technology program at Ivy Tech.


Hybrid, Safety, OSHA

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Industrial Technology

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James L. Mohler

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Master of Science

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James L. Mohler

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Don Buskirk

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Linda Naimi

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Edie Schmidt