There is a lack of correlation between the believed and actual threat of tornadoes on the periphery of Tornado Alley. The purpose of this project is to record the perceptions of homeowners and realtors of the threat posed by tornadoes in a specific geographic location and the need of tornado safe rooms to mitigate that threat and/or provide peace of mind from the potential of that threat.

The research included surveying real estate agents and residents within the specified geographic location. Real estate agents were polled for their past experience in selling properties with tornado safe rooms, and present demand for same properties in the current market, their perceptions of the tornado risk and the need for mitigation measures, and how these may affect the value of a home and the marketability of a home. Residents were polled for their perceptions of tornado risk, the cost of mitigating the tornado risk, the need of mitigation, and any prior experience with tornadoes. They were also polled on the desire of a tornado safe room in a home, and to what cost having one would be worthwhile.

The research supported the assumption that the actual threat of tornadoes does not match the perceived threat, the expected cost of a tornado safe rooms is greater than the actual cost, and that there is a significant portion of the population willing to pay for a safe room allowing for an emerging market of tornado safe rooms in either new construction or as a renovation.

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