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Ashman, Douglas E. Masters, Degree. Purdue University. The Impact of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Employment Law

Major Professor: Linda Naimi

A growing group of distinguished legal observers see cause for concern as ADR methods become more institutionalized and the basic theories and practices of Civil procedure are mediated and justice becomes an exercise in compromise. It is perceived by some observers that the justice system is becoming privatized and ADR is undermining the basic tenants of the American justice system and is a growing replacement for the checks and balances of a once enviable and unique civil justice system.

This study examines the role of ADR in settling employment disputes and grievances and offers recommendations to either combat erroneously perceived ideas about the effects of ADR or suggestions to preserve the foundations of judicial review and civil procedure that protect fairness and justice in our society.


ADR, mediation, arbitration, employment law, justice

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