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W.E. Bowers and Associates, Inc. typically hires experienced project managers eager to

diversify their work experience. W.E. Bowers and Associates, Inc. verbally instructs

project managers to properly utilize the companies forms and the processes for financial

management of projects. The verbal training typically occurs in a piecemeal fashion. It

occurs only when a new project manager asks

“How To” perform specific tasks. The

project managers all come with different backgrounds and with different backgrounds,

come different business management strategies. The creation of this financial operations

manual will aid in the training of project managers and provide the company with a

baseline for how job cost management is performed at W.E. Bowers and Associates, Inc

utilizing the WennSoft cost accounting system.


Construction Cost Accounting Software, WennSoft

Date of this Version



Building Construction Management

Department Head

Dr. Robert F. Cox

Month of Graduation


Year of Graduation


Head of Graduate Program

James Mohler

Advisor 1 or Chair of Committee

Dr. Robert F. Cox

Advisor 2

Jeffery J. Lew

Advisor 3

Joseph J. Orczyk

Committee Member 1

Dr. Robert F. Cox

Committee Member 2

Jeffery J. Lew

Committee Member 3

Joseph J. Orczyk