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Mass spectrometry (MS) is a very popular analytical methodology that measures the mass of ions using a mass spectrometer. It is widely used for determining masses of chemicals, the elemental composition of a sample and molecule structure. The process of mass spectrometry normally consists of ionizing chemical compounds to ions and measuring their ratios of mass to charge for analysis.

MS instruments consist of three modules: Ionization, Analysis and detection. A LabVIEW system was developed to control the three modules of a mass spectrometer, giving the required signals in a right sequence. Experiments can be carried out by using the system very convenient since the software settings are very flexible.

Broadband radio frequency (RF) circuit was designed. Transformers were tested for the purpose of it, and a good one was chosen for further research. Frequency scan function will be enhanced which will significantly low down the necessary RF voltage within a mass spectrometer.


Mass spectrometer, Control system

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