Hirzalla, Feras M. M.S., Purdue University, December 2010, Can a Scalable

System be Built to Capture Web Page Thumbnails? Major Professor: John


Screenshots of web pages are a novel user interface improvement that

can be used in various systems. Several software packages can be used to

generate a visual representation of a web page, but none of these packages are

designed to capture web pages in a scalable way.

The goal of this research is to build and test a web page thumbnailer that

can simultaneously capture screenshots of multiple web pages using multiple

threads, thus maximizing the throughput of web pages that can be processed per

unit of time. From the data collected during tests, thread count usage

recommendations can be made.

To test the thumbnailer, the author used a sample set of 30,000 web

pages. Web page sizes were collected from the sample set, and 10,000 web

pages were assigned to small, medium, and large categories. The thumbnailer

was timed for different thread counts for each of the size categories. The data

showed that as more capture threads were added, the time it took to generate

visual representations of web pages decreased.


scalable, webpage thumbnails, screenshots websites, usability

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