Meaningful learning is defined as a deep understanding of the material, which includes attending to important aspects of the presented material, mentally organizing it into a coherent cognitive structure, and integrating it with relevant existing knowledge (Mayer & Moreno, 2003). Mayer and Moreno (2003) defines multimedia learning as learning from words and pictures, and multimedia instruction as presenting words and pictures that are intended to foster learning. The emergence of numerous learning style models over the past 25 years has brought increasing attention to the idea that students learn in diverse ways and that one approach to teaching does not work for every student or even most students (Hawk & Shah, 2007). Various studies attempting to understand the relationship between personality and academic achievement have concluded that this relationship is moderated by both learning and teaching style (Furnham, 1992). The goal of this study is to analyze several methods of using words and pictures to effectively present information for meaningful learning.


multimedia, transfer and retention, memory, modality, cognitive load

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