Rhodes, Holly A., Purdue University, May 2010. A Study of Integration and acceptance of Distance Learning Courses in a Corporate Setting. Major Professor: William Krug. The purpose of this study was to further understand how the integration of distance learning courses in a corporate setting may encounter barriers or resistance to acceptance. These barriers expereinced by corporate based course developer, facilitator and adult learner may be similar to those experienced by the educational counterparts. This was achieved in this study through a survey of several audiences related to distance learning in a corporate environment. The survey comprised of five questionnaires which measured the experiences of each of these groups. Findings determined the learner group, although cautious about distance learning, were interested in continuing this learning practice and felt it was an effective method for learning. Issues related to time management were also explored in the learner group. The facilitator group had a high level of anxiety prior to the courses and a very low level of it afterward. This suggested a need for increased practice or support for the facilitator group was needed. Course developers indicated they were highly confident in their ability to develop an effective distance learning course. However, some lack in self-identified proficiency surrounding distance learning technologies was shown.


Distance Learning, Corporate Learning, Adult Learning

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