Efficient data management is core to every research project, especially research involving human subjects. Some projects are tied to their participants (human subjects) over long periods and involve various stages of data collection in the form of surveys. These projects may also involve a series of presentations and sessions. Collection, organization and management of data at every stage are very critical to these types of research studies. Although there are a number of tools available to support each of these tasks, having a single tool to handle all of these can facilitate the process for the investigators or program managers. The purpose of this project is to provide a single, customizable data collection and management solution for such projects. This online tool provides a unified web interface for the researchers or program administrators, thus serving many purposes like organizing participant data, managing information about the sessions/presentations, creating online web surveys to collect assessment data, and viewing the collected data as reports. It also allows the administrators to download data in the form of CSV files for archiving and analyzing purposes.

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