Purdue University has recently purchased and deployed a new fleet of aircraft that include a cutting edge avionics suite with flight data monitoring technology. This technology gathers data during flight on airframe, powerplant, and flight parameters of the airplane. This study evaluated how the new technologies influenced the inspection process of the airplanes, as well as highlight new skills required by the inspectors to utilize the technologies. This issue was addressed because inspectors may not be able to take full advantage of what the new data from the airplane if they don’t possess the proper skills to access and assess the information. The project was conducted through process mapping the inspection process as it is currently without the new technology, and after the implementation of the new technology. The maps were used to identify how the process and where the process has changed. From these changes it highlighted the skills were required to use the new technology. The result of the project was four process maps, as well as identification of different skills needed to complete the inspection utilizing the new technology. The process maps with the skills highlighted, may be used to develop training needs or as a tool to benchmark required skills and abilities during the hiring process.


flight data monitoring, aircraft inspection, Alakai, Cirrus

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