Companies today, require an effective Firewall management tool, which would help them in keeping their firewalls updated and avoid repetitive work of managing all the firewalls individually. This is because the firewall rules and policies in a company need to be frequently changed and modified depending on the changing company needs. Hence effective firewall management tools are required in order to automate the repetitive tasks and to save both time and resources. This research study aimed at gathering these requirements from company A and then performed a detailed analysis of the currently available top three firewall management tools in the market, namely, Tufin SecureTrack, Algosec Firewall Analyzer, Cisco ASDM. On the basis of this research about the current firewall management tools, it was observed that all the tools currently available in the market have some shortcomings or limitations and do not meet all the requirements list.There are some requirements that are not getting met by any currently available firewall management tools. Thus to design a model that will represent a set of requirements for a needed Firewall Management tool which would satisfy the requirements gathered from company A was the main aim of this project.


Firewalls, Company, Management, Firewall Rules, Requirements

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