Public procurement laws outline the rules and procedures used by public agencies to select design-build teams to work on their projects. However it is up to the individual project selection committees to develop the specific criterion used to select the best design-build team for their project. Design-build teams assemble their qualification and proposal packages using the criteria listed in the procurement documents to put their team in the best position to be awarded the contract. If the submittal requirements or selection criteria are vague and not well stated committee members may have to interpret the information supplied by the proposers. This interpretation could be clouded with personal bias contaminating the integrity of the selection process. If a more comprehensive list of selection criteria and supporting submittal requirements were available to selection committees, then the procurement documents could be drafted to better ensure that the packets submitted from each proposer will contain the necessary information to facilitate the evaluation of each of the criteria. This paper examined the submittal requirements and corresponding selection criteria from various types of public school design-build projects. This data was collected from school districts across the nation to identify a wide variety of selection criteria and supporting submittal requirements. This collection of information was then evaluated, organized, and published with this report to be used by selection committees when preparing the requirements for their projects.


Design, Build, Selection, Criteria, Qualifications, Project Management, Cost, Schedule, Technical

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