Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an integrated process of generating and managing a building by exploring a digital model before the actual project is constructed and later during its construction, facility operation and maintenance. BIM has been adopted by construction contractors and architects in United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) to improve the planning and management of construction projects. On the contrary, Indian contractors seem to have made a head-start by using BIM in their projects, but the architects in the nation have still not embraced this new thinking and technology as a part of their way of working. Since BIM is not just software but a process, the Indian architectural industry needs to analyze if there is a need to start over with a completely new platform or the same goals can be achieved through a predictable and evolutionary course. This proposal will survey the difficulties faced in implementing BIM in architectural firms in India and, thus, find obstacles in doing the same. By surveying and collecting data about problems faced by these architectural firms, it will be analyzed how to avoid those situations from rising and, thus, introducing BIM capabilities in such firms in the most effective way. Hence, a roadmap for the transitioning steps needs to be formed, defining the expectations such firms should have from this metamorphosis. Since implementing BIM is a business decision, all this calls for the development of a BIM implementation strategy.


Building Information Modeling, BIM, BIM in India, BIM implementation strategy

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