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This handbook provides a guide for reflections and critical thought for professionals traveling abroad. As you experience a new foreign country, you will be reflecting through questions regarding how you react and feel about the culture and events around you. Some questions will also be related to the logistics of your activities. This handbook provides an opportunity for you to understand your own personal cultural path throughout your traveling experience, to examine what you are learning about the country you are visiting and about yourself. You have now entered a new world of opportunity. Take advantage of this academic expedition and explore! The handbook contains a range of self-assessment tools designed to be used as follows: Complete the Pre-entry Reflection prior to your international trip. Complete the Pre-entry Assignment. Choose one of the items on the Multicultural Teamwork activity page. Fill out "What is your level of Cultural Competence?" Complete "Plan of Action for Cultural Competence." Fill out the Professional Experience Daily Journal. Fill out the Personal Experience Daily Journal. Complete the Final Reflection Report. Complete the End of Travel assignment. Complete the Re-entry Reflection assignment.



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Professional Development Reflection Journal for Travel Abroad