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Student Papers in Public Policy provides an outlet for multidisciplinary scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in the public policy arena. The Purdue Policy Research Institute (formerly the Global Policy Research Institute) is helping to educate students by providing valuable background for those seeking career leadership opportunities in academic, governmental and international corporations where an interest and understanding of global issues is essential. Participants include PPRI Interns, participants in the PPRI Seminar in Global Policy course, and PPRI Graduate Fellows.

Recent Content


Agriculture in a Water Scarce World
Allison Roberts, Amjad Assi, Bassel Daher, and Men Li


Ocean Sustainability
Logan Levan, Joshua Millea, Woo Choi, Mark Powell, and David Flint


The Obesity Epidemic
Lenka Kollar, Evienne Epifano, Molly McKneight, Jeff Miskovich, and Heather Moore


Policy on Immigration from the Southwest and Resulting Border Control Security Implications
Amber Gottfried, Arpit Bawa, Russel Goff, Austin Grelle, and Marielynn Herrera