The Department of Sociology at Purdue University studies how societies are organized, and the consequences of varying forms of organization on people's lives. Purdue's Department of Sociology: produces world-class scholarship, in the books and articles it publishes; offers two undergraduate majors, one in Sociology and another in Law and Society; and delivers an exceptionally strong graduate program leading to the Ph.D. At the graduate level, the Department's research and training programs are currently organized into six areas: Family and Gender; Health, Aging, and the Life Course; Law and Society; Sociology of Religion; Social Inequality; and Social Movements and Political Sociology.

This series contains publications from the Department of Sociology at Purdue University.


Submissions from 2016


The efficacy of mobile phone-based text message interventions (‘Happy Quit’) for smoking cessation in China, Yanhui Liao, Qiuxia Wu, Jinsong Tang, Fengyu Zhang, Xuyi Wang, Chang Qi, Haoyu He, Jiang Long, Brian C. Kelly, and Joanna Cohen