The need for high performance materials has led the way to seamless integration of multiple material components based on desirable properties. The development of nanocomposites and nanostructures opens the possibility for new materials with remarkable performance in comparison with the classical engineered materials, enabling the integration of both structure and material across multiple scales, due to complementary and synergistic interactions – i.e. compatibility – of the nanoscale components. The delivery, monitoring, behavior and control of nanostructures are important issues in the design of the next generation of structural materials, including cross-material interface compatibility and cooperativity, which can serve to amplify (or repress) specific material responses. These complex materials structures require multi-scale and/or multi-physics approach to connect structure to properties and ultimately to function. The unique amalgamation of the discrete multiple length spectrum and its multi-physics principles creates an unprecedented way to study the mechanism of nanocomposites through the marriage of advancement of theoretical studies, exploitation of computational methods, and non-traditional experimental validation. In particular, we are interested in the underlying mechanical and functional roles of multi-phase materials. This mini symposium welcomes contributions within this broad theme.

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Application of finite element modeling and viscoelasticity theory in characterization and prediction of dielectric relaxation process in polymer nanodielectrics

He Zhao, Northwestern University, United States
Yang Li, Northwestern University, United States
Xiaolin Li, Northwestern University, United States
L. Catherine Brinson, Northwestern University, United States
Yanhui Huang, RPI, United States
Timothy M. Krentz, RPI, United States
Ke Wu, RPI, United States
Curt Breneman, RPI, United States
Linda Schadler, RPI, United States

Large strain nonlinear viscoelastic modeling of polymer nanocomposites

Anqi Hu, Northwestern University

Mechanical properties and interface of carbon/metal nanocomposites

Steven Cranford, Northeastern University, United States
Ruth Roman, Northeastern University, United States

Mechanics of Graphene and CNT-polystyrene nanocomposites

Dibakar Datta, Brown University, United States
Sang-Pil Kim, Samsung Engineering, Korea, Republic of
Vivek Shenoy, The University of Pennsylvania, United States