The Symposium highlights advances, challenges, and trends in curricular design, instructional design, academic research, and cross-disciplinary work related to the intersection of engineering and live entertainment. This symposium is specifically aimed at building bridges between two exceptionally different academic and professional cultures and practices; presentations come from many different backgrounds and academic experiences. Symposium topics explore the interstitial spaces amongst the disciplines of engineering, theatre technology, and education, including the following topic areas:

  • Curricular development (including explorations of curricular design, academic silos, interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary challenges and strategies, etc.)
  • Creating and navigating academic/industrial partnerships The relationship between “traditional research” and “creative endeavor” Instructional design and pedagogy in interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary fields (Art+ Engineering, Technology…)
  • K-12 and Post-Secondary education(STEAM), extra-curricular programming, and diversity/inclusion outreach
  • The relationship between traditional instruction and production/performance work
  • Technology, AI, and conceptualizing the theatre of the future

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2020 Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering
2019 Symposium on Education in Entertainment and Engineering