Market Success and Access to Finance: Markets

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26-9-2018 1:30 PM

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26-9-2018 3:05 PM


This includes the "Introduction to Markets and Finance as Critical Drivers for Successful Scaling" overview talk by Charlene McKoin, featured speaker Mary Beggs' "Importanceo fMarkets as a Driver," and panel discussion "The Importance of Market Access and Public-Private Partnerships as Drivers for Scaling" with panelists Sriram Bharatam, Jennifer Billings, John Ellenberger, Kevin Pixley, Fanus Swart, and Simon Winter.

Billings-Session 3 Part I-Panel - Corteva Agriscience.pdf (640 kB)
CORTEVA Agricultural Development - Jennifer Billings

Pixley-Session 3 Part I-Panel - CIMMYT Partnerships.pdf (1061 kB)
CIMMYT & CORTEVA Collaboration in Mexico - Kevin Pixley

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Sep 26th, 1:30 PM Sep 26th, 3:05 PM

Market Success and Access to Finance: Markets

Loeb Playhouse