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Thursday, September 27th
5:50 PM

Chimney Solar Dryer

Anthony Phan, University of California, Davis
Erin McGuire, University of California, Davis

5:50 PM

Cyclone Pearl Millet Thresher

Donna Cohn, Hampshire College

5:50 PM

Hub-and-Spoke Food Processing Innovation System

Bruce Hamaker, Purdue University

5:50 PM


Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Purdue University
Hira Channa, Purdue University
Charles Woloshuk, Purdue University

5:50 PM

Integrated Mobile Cassava Peel Processing Device for Animal Feed

Efe Anthony Omudu, Galaxy Integrated Aqua

5:50 PM

Kero Porridge Flour: A Gift of Being

Elyse Habumukiza, INGABEYACU

5:50 PM

Mobile Utility Grain Storage

William Lanier, NeverIdle Farms

5:50 PM

Technology Package for Prevention and Control of Mastitis in Dairy Animals

Keshav Sah, University of Florida

5:50 PM