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Purdue Road School

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Purdue Road School


Purdue Road School

Highways and the Environment

David R. Levin, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C.

The Motor Vehicle and Clean Air

Russell E. MacCleery, Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc., Detroit , Michigan

Historical Synthesis of Liability Arising Out of the Design and Maintenance Function

David C. Oliver, Highway Research Board, Washington, D.C.

Improved Driver Communications

Carlton C. Robinson, Highway Users Federation for Safety and Mobility, Washington, D.C.

Indiana's Traffic Safety Program

Thomas D. Coleman, Department of Traffic Safety and Vehicle Inspection, State of Indiana, Indianapolis

Training the Driver

William Asher, Purdue University

Highway Legislation from the 1971 Legislature

Ruel W. Steele, Indiana State Highway Commission

Accomplishments in 1970-1971 and Future Programs

R. H. Harrell, Indiana State Highway Commission

Bridge Deck Deterioration

Nelson Steinkamp, Indiana State Highway Commission

Constructors Discuss Pollution and Bridge Deck Deterioration

E. A. Ames, Indiana State Highway Commission

Contruction of Concrete Shoulders

Ralph L. Duncan, Bureu of Construction, Illinois Division of Highways, Springfield, Illinois

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices--Signs

Walter E. Stout, City of Fort Wayne

New Concepts in Public Transportation

Kenneth W. Heathington, Joint Highway Research Project, Purdue University

Federal Assistance for Public Transportation

Gilbert T. Satterly Jr., Joint Highway Research Project, Purdue University

Comprehensive Master Drainage Plans

John E. Fisher, Clyde E. Williams & Associates, Inc., South Bend, Indiana

Federal Bridge Inspection and Rating Program

William D. Richardson, Federal Highway Administration--Region Four, Homewood, Illinois

Coordinating County Highway Engineering and Maintenance Operations

Dale Fisher, Allen County Highway Department, Fort Wayne, Indiana

A Sign Manual for County Highway Departments

Eugene R. Russell, HERPIC, Purdue

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Purdue Road School