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Woodward-Hagg, H., Scachitti, S., Workman-Germann, J., Suskovich, D., (2007). Adaptation of Lean Methodologies for Healthcare Applications. Proceedings of the 2007 Society for Health Systems Conference, New Orleans, LA, February 2007.


Lean and Six Sigma quality concepts and terminology have been applied in the manufacturing arena since the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It has only been in recent years that healthcare administrators have identified these methods as being adaptable to their organizations so that they may realize organizational improvements for continuing success and delighting customers. Unfortunately, this is not an application that is widely taught in typical Industrial Engineering curriculum and therefore there are few educated professionals coming right out of college that are able to apply these principles to healthcare. There are however, many experienced professionals knowledgeable in the basic Lean and Six Sigma principles as applied to manufacturing. This paper presents research conducted by the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology in partnership with Sister of St. Francis Health Services (SSFHS) which was focused on the development and implementation of a Lean Six Sigma Training Program specifically for healthcare. Through the development of this training program, Purdue faculty have adapted traditional manufacturing Lean methodologies for healthcare specific applications. This paper will present multiple examples of successfully adapted Lean manufacturing training for Healthcare organizations. The authors will then present their findings and recommendations concerning Lean training specifically for Healthcare professionals. They will also present in-depth explanations of hands-on exercises used to demonstrate application of lean tools such as value stream mapping, 5S and visual controls that can be used to effectively train employees in most any healthcare organization.


Lean, healthcare, exercise

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