RCHE Reports


Abstract: With start-up funding provided by the Regenstrief Foundation,Purdue University has created the Regenstrief Center for HealthcareEngineering (RCHE) to design, implement, and sustain interdisciplinarysolutions to improve the safety, quality, efficiency and accessibility ofhealthcare delivery systems. RCHE’s primary goal is to bring a systems- analysis approach to improving the processes of healthcare delivery, not toprovide tools or techniques for medical research, diagnosis, or treatment. Thisarticle will describe RCHE’s business model; that is, how RCHE ‘engineers’ interdisciplinary solutions, using the multiple perspectives of healthcare andmultiple project time scales to organise and leverage healthcare deliverytransformation. We then illustrate the model through the description of projects conducted with RCHE’s ‘partnerships’ with various healthcare deliveryorganisations. We conclude with a discussion of future directions for RCHE.


healthcare delivery, interdisciplinary, metrics, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE), systems analysis, transformational

Date of this Version

April 2007