Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project, 1996-2011



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Ancient Greece, archaeological survey, pottery, Turkey, amphoras


Elizabeth L. Will analyzed the Study Collection of amphora fragments amassed since 1996, as well as 49 bags of additional fragments, seven of them collected during the surveys of the year 2000. She also visited three areas that had been identified as the sites of possible kilns, at Biçkici, Syedra, and Antiocheia ad Cragum. In addition, Elizabeth L. Will also examined and photographed the amphoras on display in the museums at Alanya and Antalya. The amphora fragments collected during the 1996-1999 seasons have been noted in the reports for those years and described by Nicholas Rauh and Kathleen Slane in the article, “Possible amphora kiln sites in W. Rough Cilicia.” This report contains additional observations regarding the found fragments of amphoras.



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