Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project, 1996-2011



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Ancient Greece, archaeological survey, pottery, Turkey


In 1999 the team turned attention to an area of mountainous rural hinterland behind Iotape and some 500 m above the valley of the Delice Çay and the village of Kahyalar.Employing coarse interval survey methodology we conducted a sweep of a network of ridges extending from a peak known locally as Nergis Tepesi to the village of Kahyalar below. When evidence of past human activity or disturbances was observed by the team, especially architectural remains or ceramics clusters of more than one sherd per square meter, the area became designated as a 'site', if only for purposes of recording. Once encountering such an area we recorded our location on 1:5000 topographical maps and through static GPS measurement employing a Sokkia Locus III device. Every site location, description, and typology was recorded on field data sheets prepared by Wandsnider. If present, architectural remains were measured, photographed, and sketched. In addition, team members conducted relatively thorough ceramics collections.



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