Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project, 1996-2011



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Ancient Greece, archaeological survey, pottery, Turkey, kiln sites


This addendum summarizes the ceramic remains recovered by the Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project at four posited amphora kiln sites in the survey area: the Syedra Kiln Site, the Biçkici Kiln site, the Antiochia ad Cragum Kiln Site, and the Delice Kiln Site. All four sites were identified early on during the survey (1995-1997). The survey team conducted grab collections and triaged dozens of sherds recovered by 1997, before returning the bulk of these fragments to the field. A representative sample of the amphora fragments together with context ceramics for each site was conserved at the Alanya Archaeological Museum. In 2003 the survey team conducted a magnetometric survey of the Biçkici and Suedyra kiln sites with minimal results. Due to the longevity of the survey (1996-2011) members of the survey team, particularly Rauh, Dillon, Autret, and Kızılarslanoğlu, conducted repeated visits to the sites and recovered additional diagnostic fragments as they surfaced. These visits occurred almost annually, with intensive inspections occurring in 2008 and 2011. In September 2021, Rauh inspected the remaining collections from the kiln sites stored in the Alanya Archareological Museum.



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