Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project, 1996-2011



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Ancient Greece, archaeological survey, pottery, Turkey


The 2011 season of the Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project was conducted between July 21 and August 12 2011. During the 2011 season of the Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey, pedestrian survey was secondary to the main task of obtaining pollen and carbon samples from geormorphic trenches in the Taseli Plateau. If time allowed, the team walked limited transects in the vicinity of the trenches themselves. Toward the end of our stay at Gökgözlük Yayla we devoted one full day of pedestrian survey in the vicinity of Sugözü Yayla where sherd scatters had been observed in 2007, when the team excavated a geomorphic trench at that location. In addition, the team obtained information about uninvestigated sites known to local inhabitants and devoted a few days to attempts to locate these. In all, some nine transects were inspected during the highland survey. We identified one pre-ceramic lithic production site near Trench 5 at Günnercik Yayla (RC 1101), house remains at Beobaşı Yayla (RC 1103), evidence of settlements at Sugözü Yayla (RC 1102) and Armutlar Mevkii (near Çile, RC 1104), and a monumental village site at Çoruş in the valley of the Geceler River behind Gazipaşa (RC 1105). We also re-inspected the lithic production center at Sivritaş Tepe in the Bickici Highland (RC 0802) and the amphora kiln sites near Syedra (Yeşil Öz River mouth), the Delice River, the Bickici River, and Antiochia ad Cragum. We collected total of 209 ceramic and stone artifacts that were deposited at the Alanya Museum.



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