At Purdue, we are always learning.

And with life or death matters of racial justice, we know we have work to do. We know the work is complicated. Heavy. Uncomfortable.

Let’s do it anyway.

The demand for action and accountability has never been stronger. Black lives — and all those who receive less than the justice and equity that each human deserves — are depending on it.

So now it’s time to educate ourselves and examine our own beliefs and behaviors. It’s time to hear each other and be heard.

It's time to pursue racial justice. Together.

Through this series of distinguished guests, we’ll tackle the hard questions and identify the work that comes with it. We will seek to raise the consciousness of issues related to race, racism and systemic inequities, presenting our campus community with real actions each of us can take in the fight for racial equality and justice.

This series isn’t for checking action boxes until the next hashtag trends. This time, we have a bigger goal: we want to listen to those who have identified best steps toward true change, and then take them.

Join these virtual learning sessions, engage in the discussion, read the associated books and journey with us on this path together.

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Pursing Racial Justice Together