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Tuesday, June 6th
12:00 AM

A model: Integrating Humanities into Science and Engineering Programs

Francisca Barrios Benavides

12:00 AM

An Examination of Broadening the Engineering Curriculum in Ireland

Mike Murphy
Pat O'Donnell
John Jameson

12:00 AM

Curriculum Transformation: Redesigning a Construction Management program to a Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Curriculum with Authentic Project-Based Learning

Jessica A. Cabral
Brad L. Benhart
Jamie R. Metzinger
Patricia C. Morgan
Scott D. Santon

12:00 AM

Experiential-centered Research Skills Development: getting engineers to understand the people in the problem

Hala Abdelaziz
Christopher Smith
Stella Orim
Andy Hind

12:00 AM

Integrated Electrical and Mechanical Experience for First-year Students

Sarah Leach
Megan Prygoski
Karl Perusich
John Piller

12:00 AM

Integrating Liberal Education Perspectives in a Transdisciplinary Design Studio

Marisa Exter, Purdue University
Colin M. Gray, Purdue University
Michael T. Smith, Purdue University

12:00 AM

Integrating Sustainability into STEM: A Project Based Approach

Joseph P. Harney

12:00 AM