The purpose of this study was to evaluate how participating in the Habitat for Humanity house-building process influenced participants’ purpose well-being, social well-being, community well-being, physical and mental well-being, and financial well-being, and how effective Habitat for Humanity is in aiding neighborhood revitalization within the Greater Lafayette area. The research project resulted in a presentation of quantitative data and a testimonial video that highlighted the stories of families that had worked with Habitat for Humanity. Quantitative data was gathered through a survey that addressed respondents’ levels of satisfaction within the various categories of well-being mentioned above. Testimonial information was gathered from interviews with respondents to gain a more personal insight into their stories. The majority of respondents indicated their satisfaction with the overall Habitat for Humanity process and noticeable positive impacts on all aspects of their well-being. Responses were more varied to questions regarding a sense of community within their neighborhoods and a sense of safety. Respondents also indicated occasional dissatisfaction with the inadequate level of homeowner-related education provided through the Habitat for Humanity house-building process. Habitat for Humanity might consider focusing more attention on neighborhood revitalization initiatives including a focus on a general sense of community, overall safety, and periodic check-ins with those who have previously participated in the house-building project.