Service-learning is an important component of a college education as it helps students demonstrate a positive impact on their community using their classroom knowledge. Through business writing, a Purdue English course, we were able to learn about how to market effectively to a college audience and were able to implement these learnings in our partnership with Code for Nepal. Code for Nepal is an organization that works to improve the digital literacy of women and other minority groups within Nepal. Their most impactful work was creating a document encompassing key information regarding food, water, and shelter after the 2015 earthquake. As part of our work with them, we hosted a Coffee and Donuts event to raise donor and volunteer engagement across college campuses in the United States. The skills developed through this course and partnership were invaluable, and I have been able to implement many of them to host other student activity-related events on campus. Not only do service-learning projects make a positive impact on the organization that we partner with, but they also allow students to further refine the skills learned in the classroom. Through this article, I would like to share more about the skills developed in business writing at Purdue, how we worked alongside Code for Nepal, as well as the impact it has made on the rest of my college experience.