The Hartford Hub is a community center located in downtown Lafayette. The Hub is a unique opportunity for community members and Purdue students to get involved locally. The Hartford Hub was created to support the Lafayette community members and help residents connect and build meaningful relationships. Faith Development Corporation created the Hub as well as the North End Community Center to create a space for residents to gather and use as they need. The Hartford Hub is located in the Lower Lincoln neighborhood, a high turnover neighborhood with mostly rental properties. The goal of the Hub was to unite the residents and hopefully enrich lives through supportive connection. Many services that the Hub offers include support for local children as well as older community members. The Hub houses the monthly neighborhood association meeting, where residents meet to discuss community issues. In addition, the Hub hosts weekly "homework time" where volunteers support the urban youth by helping them with homework, or other educational exercises. Beyond scheduled programming, the Hub is open for community members to use and features a basketball court and outdoor park. Purdue students can easily get involved at The Hartford Hub by taking specific honors course, or joining the Ware Research Group. They can also volunteer at the Hub as they are available. Homework time is the main way to help out, but there are other events such as block parties or social gathering where volunteers are needed. The Hub is always looking for new volunteers to interact with the community in many different ways. The Hub offers Purdue students a unique opportunity to impact the youth of Lafayette and interact with the local community.