The objective of this community outreach initiative is to develop and implement a student-led blood pressure screening at the Indiana State Fair in conjunction with the Purdue College of Pharmacy and the Hook’s Drug Store Museum. Under the mentorship of two pharmacy faculty members, third- and fourth-year professional PharmD students and pharmacy fellows hold a nine-hour blood pressure screening at the Indiana State Fair each year. The screening is held at the Hook’s Drug Store Museum and the students and fellows sign-up in teams of 3-4 to host the event. Fair-goers visiting the screening have their blood pressure taken using automated blood pressure devices and the readings are recorded into one of three categories: ≤140 mmHg/≤90 mmHg, >140 mmHg/>90 mmHg, or >150 mmHg/>100 mmHg. All patients receive a card with their blood pressure reading, are counseled on hypertension management and possible health complications, and receive a sticker that reads “I had my blood pressure checked at the Indiana State Fair/Purdue College of Pharmacy.” Students complete a reflection following their involvement.

Data from the last five years was analyzed. Over the five years, a total of 838 fairgoers have utilized the opportunity to have their blood pressure checked. In addition, 50 pharmacy students, two fellows, and two faculty members have participated in hosting the screening. There has been growing involvement over the years, with 213 individuals visiting the booth in 2019. There has been a steady increase in the percentage of patients with a blood pressure reading in the lowest category.

Participation in the Indiana State Fair has become a tradition for the College of Pharmacy as students enjoy and are grateful for such learning opportunities. This initiative allows students to develop and apply their clinical knowledge and communication skills while improving health and awareness of community members.