The College of Education Honduras Study Abroad program has been sending students to Honduras for a 17-day investigation of Honduran history, educational systems, and social justice in education since 2003. Honduras is a Central American country with a long history of exploitation, political conflict, and environmental disasters. The country began with a swift and brutal colonization by the Spanish, which left the indigenous people persecuted and massacred. In 1998, Honduras experienced a devastating hurricane that decimated many buildings and infrastructure. Large-scale farming operations run by foreign investors has resulted in political turmoil and a struggling working class. However, Honduras has a dynamic and vocal activist community that has been developed through decades of political challenges. The education system of Honduras reflects its history. Those who have been exploited and left behind through corrupt politics and censorship are those whose children are relegated to the underfunded, barely regulated rural schools. While in Honduras, students observe and teach in three different types of schools that showcase different levels of opportunity throughout the Honduras education system; interact with community members; and visit cultural sites such as Mayan ruins in order to receive a holistic view of Honduras and its past, present, and future.