Faris’s dissertation was a 4-year qualitative study of the Tippecanoe County Problem Solving Reentry Court. Dr. Faris explains: “I took a criminal justice course taught by Dr. JoAnn Miller, who was committed to using her knowledge to better the community. She designed the Reentry Court and invited me to serve with her on the team that supported ex-prisoners, men and women, returning to the community after years of incarceration. The team met with and advised the judge, attending weekly court sessions with ex-prisoners. The court provided support and accountability, and I participated for over four years, assisting a total of 98 men and women in their navigation of reentry challenges—housing, employment, addiction temptations, family reunification, and a myriad of other issues. It was an amazing experience.” Dr. Faris became entrenched in her commitment to community engagement and service-learning models because she experienced the impact of learning as she supported and advocated for the ex-prisoners in the court system.