Purdue’s Professional Writing program has worked with the Lafayette Transitional Housing Center for people living with homelessness in recent years through a multimedia writing course. Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to create deliverables to help the center improve their digital media presence and public outreach. In a particular project working with the interviews of individuals living with homelessness who utilize LTHC as a resource, a podcast deliverable was created for the future use and implementation of the Lafayette Transitional Housing Center, in addition to a methodology used to aid LTHC in continued use and creation of the podcast project. Despite these successes in the Professional Writing department’s service-learning involvement, there needs to be greater discourse surrounding the ways in which academic and professional writing research collaborates with community organizations, long-term. In order to fully accommodate for an organization’s shortcomings in time, resources, and knowledge of professional media projects, our department needs to implement more methodology-based research and deliverables to ensure there is a greater impact on the community. With this added effort, service organizations like the Lafayette Transitional Housing Center will be able to carry on service-learning projects enacted through the Purdue Professional Writing undergraduate department with a concise and thorough methodology. In addition to this, students within the Professional Writing program will gain skills necessary to receive more experience working with methodology-backed deliverables and contribute more effectively to the Lafayette community.