As service-learning becomes recognized as a significant teaching-learning tool for college students, the authors of this article came together to apply for the Purdue University Service-Learning Sustainability Projects Grant. Upon receiving the grant, with the encouragement of Professor Jane Krause and Food Finders Food Bank, the student authors created a project focused on food insecurity education in West Lafayette, Indiana. The main objective was to develop and teach a series of lessons on food insecurity and sustainability to middle school students using interactive activities. A team of Purdue students from various backgrounds was recruited to assist in planning and to act as student mentors. They partnered with Mrs. Caren Walker, a family and consumer science teacher at Klondike Middle School, on this project. The team of Purdue students taught the five lessons for her three classes of eighth grade students. The most competitive teams from these classes came to present their posters, made throughout the project, at the Purdue Engagement and Service-Learning Summit on March 1, 2017.