The purpose of this project was to develop, pilot, assess, and describe a new interdisciplinary, game-based phone application. The application is intended to help health care students better communicate medication and medical terminology to their patients and to other health care providers and insurance companies. This IRB-approved project called “PharmPhrase” was developed using an application-development software program. The pilot involved multiple groups of competing teams composed of volunteer pharmacy students in their first professional years who were randomly assigned into teams of three to five. The PharmPhrase user explains a randomly generated medical term to team members based on assumptions of medical literacy within the team. If team members do not understand or identify the term, the user must rephrase their explanation in order to win the play. Teams rotate and play until time is up. The application is intended to be an active learning teaching tool to help move students’ conceptual knowledge to application in order to better serve the public. Pilot results with pharmacy students demonstrated increased perception of knowledge and an increased ability to adapt communication style to their patients’ needs.