The authors of this article developed and piloted a three-week intensive elective course for students in their third professional years in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The goal of this course was to provide students with an opportunity to apply patient safety concepts in a real-world setting using service-learning as the pedagogy and to evaluate student perceptions of the course for potential implementation in the curriculum. Seven pharmacy students were enrolled in the pilot course and divided into three groups. Each group of two to three students was assigned to one of three predetermined community partner sites. Students were instructed on how to perform a needs assessment before designing a project targeted to improve safety at their community sites. Students completed a pre-, retrospective pre-, and post-course questionnaire that assessed their perceptions of the course. Community partners provided feedback to their student groups, and the results were analyzed to determine whether a large-scale course should be developed for the curriculum. Ultimately, results from this pilot course suggest that offering pharmacy-based, service-learning experiences in safety may be beneficial for the professional development of the students, as well as for the local community.