The Physics is Fun Project is an initiative funded by Purdue’s Office of Engagement and aims to promote an interest in physics among young learners aged 5 to 12. The project’s unique approach blends instructional design and motivational design to create an engaging and relevant learning experience. Development of the project was guided by the analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) framework and Keller’s attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction (ARCS) theory and utilized storytelling and hands-on learning strategies to bring physics to life through the story of a young physics enthusiast who is passionate about building a dream car. Basic physics concepts such as force, motion, and energy were presented using age-appropriate language and large infographics with relatable examples. Learners each received a STEM packet to construct their own dream car, therefore providing an authentic learning experience as they assembled their own car with the physics concepts. The first outreach was held in collaboration with Imagination Station in Lafayette and reached over 30 young physics inquirers with minimal scaffolding to support their learning.