PIBERG is a scholarly group of Purdue faculty, staff, students, and affiliate scholars who support each other as we investigate teaching and learning in the life sciences. Our goal is to bridge the gap between science education research and its application to help students learn about biology or biochemistry as a research endeavor.

The PIBERG Presentations series contains presentations related to education research given by PIBERG members.


Submissions from 2013


Development of a Game‐Based‐Learning App for Exposing Students to Chemistry and Life Science as a Research Endeavor, Thanuci Silva, Eduardo Galembeck, Nancy Pelaez, and Trevor R. Anderson

Submissions from 2012


Informed Learning Practices in Biology Using Peer Leaders, Nancy Pelaez, Clarence Maybee, and Maribeth Slebodnik

Submissions from 2011


Qualitative Research to Improve Teaching of Experimental, Ethical and Quantitative (TEEQ) Biology, Samiksha Neroorkar, Nathaniel McIntyre, Onyeka Uzomah, Ellen Gundlach, and Nancy Pelaez


JSIM and CRM Synergistically Help Students to Model Breath-Dependent Drift When Deriving Tidal Volume From Pulmonary Airflow Measures, Nancy Pelaez and Trevor R. Anderson