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Physical Review Letters 101,15 ( 2008 )


Using a total of 2.74×107 decays of the psi(2S) collected with the CLEO-c detector, we present a study of chicJ-->gammaV, where V=rho0, omega, phi. The transitions chic1-->gammarho0 and chic1-->gammaomega are observed with [script B](chic1-->gammarho0)=(2.43±0.19±0.22)×10-4 and [script B](chic1-->gammaomega)=(8.3±1.5±1.2)×10-5. In the chic1-->gammarho0 transition, the final state meson is dominantly longitudinally polarized. Upper limits on the branching fractions of other chicJ states to light vector mesons are presented.

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January 2008



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