Measurement of interfacial area per volume for drainage and imbibition

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Water Resources Research 43,12 (2007) W12504;


We investigate experimentally the functional relationship between capillary pressure, Pc, wetting phase saturation, S-w, and interfacial area per volume between the wetting and nonwetting phases, awn, for drainage and imbibition processes in micromodels of two-dimensional pore structures. Within the experimental and analysis error (around 10-15%), the resulting P-c-S-w-a(wn) surfaces were the same. This suggests that data obtained from either the drainage process or the imbibition process are sufficient to generate the complete functional relationship among P-c-S-w-a(wn) and that the observed hysteresis in P-c-S-w-a(wn) can be modeled by including interfacial area as an additional state variable.


Environmental Sciences;; Limnology;; Water Resources

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