Scanning probe microscopy study of exfoliated oxidized graphene sheets

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Surface Science 602,9 (2008) 1607-1613;


Exfoliated oxidized graphene (OG) sheets, suspended in an aqueous solution, were deposited on freshly cleaved HOPG and studied by ambient AFM and UHV STM. The AFM images revealed oxidized graphene sheets with a lateral dimension of similar to 5-10 mu m. The oxidized graphene sheets exhibited different thicknesses and were found to conformally coat the HOPG substrate. Wrinkles and folds induced by the deposition process were clearly observed. Phase imaging and lateral force microscopy showed distinct contrast between the oxidized graphene and the underlying HOPG substrate. The UHV STM studies of oxidized graphene revealed atomic scale periodicity showing a (0.273 +/- 0.008) nm x (0.406 +/- 0.013) nm unit cell over distances spanning few nanometers. This periodicity is identified with oxygen atoms bound to the oxidized graphene sheet. I(V) data were taken from oxidized graphene sheets and compared to similar data obtained from bulk HOPG. The dI/dV data from oxidized graphene reveals a reduction in the local density of states for bias voltages in the range of +/- 0.1 V. Published by Elsevier B.V.


atomic force microscopy;; lateral force microscopy;; scanning tunneling;; microscopy;; scanning tunneling spectroscopy;; highly oriented pyrolitic;; graphite;; oxidized graphene (OG);; Chemistry, Physical;; Physics, Condensed Matter

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