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Physical Review Letters 100,25 (2008)


By using 1.8 x 10(6) D (D) over bar pairs, we have measured B(D-0 --> pi(-)e(+)nu(e)) = 0.299(11)(9)%, B(D+ --> pi(0)e(+)nu(e)) = 0.373(22)(13)%, B(D-0 --> K(-)e(+)nu(e)) = 3.56(3)(9)%, and B(D+ --> K(0)e(+)nu(e)) = 8.53(13) x (23)% and have studied the q(2) dependence of the form factors. By combining our results with recent lattice calculations, we obtain vertical bar V-cd vertical bar = 0.217(9)(4)(23) and vertical bar V-cs vertical bar = 1.015(10)(11)(106).


Physics, Multidisciplinary

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January 2008



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